Whether you love it or hate it, Suicide Squad was one of the most talked about films of 2016. This was due in part to the nearly $750 million dollar box office total that it amassed, but also because of the behind the scenes drama during the film’s production.

One of the controversies that arose after the much reported upon studio-mandated reshoots and the subsequent fallout upon the film’s release, centered upon the noticeably limited presence of Jared Leto’s Joker in the final theatrical cut.

While one scene that was heavily photographed during filming finally did make it into Suicide Squad’s extended cut, these images featured in the trailer and released during marketing of the film had remained unanswered … until now.

Director David Ayer fielded a fan tweet on March 23rd which featured the imagery captioned with: “I’m still waiting for an explanation”. To which Ayer responded: “After Joker dropped HQ from the help and crashed, Enchantress made a deal with him. He was going to take Harley home and be “King of Gotham” Harley stood up to him and refused to betray her new friends. The Squad turned on him and he escaped.”

In a follow up tweet user, Ryan Phan wrote: “Honestly David, if you made the movie about Harley going from being Joker’s abused pet, to breaking free of him and learning to love her new friends in the Suicide squad, that would’ve made the movie and her arc way better.” Ayer replied: “That was her arc. Growth and empowerment.”

I’m not sure why that scene was cut because then we would have seen said arc. Quite frankly, it would have made Harley Quinn’s decision at the end to choose the Squad over her fantasy of being with the Joker that much more powerful.

Nevertheless, the film still has problems. I’ve gone into thorough rants as to the truncated editing reported at the time as having been demanded by Warner Bros executives. Allegedly, one of the primary concerns at the time had to do with how many screenings they could fit in for the film. Adding back in these plot points however, would have only added an additional few minutes to the run time. Yet, it would have significantly improved the movie’s story.

But those are my thoughts, what are yours? Did you enjoy Suicide Squad? Do you agree that they should have left this bit in? Let me know down in the comments below.