According to founder, Bill Ramey, a trusted source has revealed that the reshoots scheduled for Justice League are “significant”.

Ramey stated “I have been told by a 100% vetted and more-than-reliable source that re-shoots on Justice League have commenced in London under the helm of Joss Whedon and that they will be ‘significant'”.

Ramey went on to say that the reshoots are so extensive that they’re expected to shoot through June and July and possibly even into August.


Justice League Batman

Joss Whedon’s involvement was first revealed in an exclusive sit-down between The Hollywood Reporter and Justice League director Zack Snyder on May 22, 2017. It was also revealed that Zack Snyder would depart the project along with his wife and producing partner, Deborah Snyder, to cope with the death of their daughter. Due to the tragic event, Whedon stepped up to the director’s chair.

Justice League is still expected to open nationwide on November 17th, 2017.