In an interview with Inverse, Justice League’s sound editor, Scott Hecker, confirmed that not only were there an ample number of deleted scenes; but that the cut he worked on was well over 3 hours long. Hecker said, “With all the additional photography being integrated into the film and and time fleeting towards the release date, we ended up culminating our year of work mixing on multiple stages for 46 straight 12-plus hour days!”

He went on further to say that Justice League was “the most challenging film I’ve worked on, both creatively and logistically.” As to a Director’s cut of the film, Hecker said: “The cool part is that on many of these films the studio releases the Director’s Cut with a lot of that material put back in the film for the DVD release, so at least most of the sounds we create will be used one way or another.”  In an expose via The Wall Street Journal, we learned that it was Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara that allegedly demanded a 2 hour run time for the film.

Do you want to see a Justice League Director’s Cut? Do you feel that a Snyder cut would be better than the Whedon cut? Let us know down below.