MoviePass, the popular yet controversial monthly movie ticket subscription service, has just added Landmark Theaters to its services. Landmark co-owner Mark Cuban announced “We are excited to offer MoviePass customers access to our Landmark Theatres.  There is no better place to watch a movie than Landmark and now MoviePass customers will be able to enjoy all of our theaters.”  Senior Vice President of Exhibitor Relations & Business Strategy at MoviePass, Bernadette McCabe, said: “Our relationship with Landmark represents another milestone achievement in our journey to enhancing the current movie theater ecosystem.  It’s another step towards educating exhibitors on how we can work together in a mutually beneficial way to create a valuable and cost-effective experience for moviegoers”

The exhibitor agreement between MoviePass and Mark Cuban’s Landmark cinemas, marks a major milestone for the fledgling company.  As part of the partnership, Landmark Theaters will be integrating MoviePass directly into their ticketing system.  Additionally, MoviePass will provide users with the ability to create advanced screening reservations, e-ticketing and have access to in-app seat selection as part of its agreement with Landmark.

Landmark currently operates 53 theaters with 255 screens in 27 markets across the country.  MoviePass currently has over 2 million subscribers nationwide.